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SolarEdge ltd is a locally incorporated company founded by professionals in renewable energy sector to utilize their experience and expertise in the design and installation of renewable energy systems throughout the Eastern African region. We endeavour to provide the highest standards of service and support in Solar Water Heating, Power Backup Systems, Solar Photovoltaic Lighting, Solar Water Pumping, Wind Power Generation, Energy Management and Audit Services, Biomass and Biogas installations and services, and Hydro Power consultancy for domestic, commercial, institutional, and industrial facilities.

SolarEdge Ltd offers complete end-to-end solutions from resource assessment and feasibility analysis of the site to the designing and installation of the solution.We access the best technology solution facilitated by our wide experience across global supply chain and long term component partnerships we share with equipment suppliers.
World class construction management and planning with single point responsibity gives us an edge over competition. SolarEdge Ltd ensures timely project completion within the estimated budget,establishing a long term sustainable solution for the customer in the shortest time.

our Vision

To be recognized as a customer driven company in the renewable energy sector focused towards exceeding customer expectations.

our Mission

We provide energy ecient solutions that conserve natural resources and promote individual and community self-reliance and explore the alternatives to the existing energy solutions.

Our Health and Safety Environmental Policy

  • Put priority on matters relating to Safety, Health and Environment in all our daily business activities.
  • Abide by all procedures that have been endorsed by the Occupational Safety and Health Laws Of Kenya.
  • Make available adequate information to the staff to conduct daily work activities in a safe manner
  • Develop a safe working environment.
  • Provide training and periodic updates on Safety, Health and Environment matters to all staff.
  • Create a positive Safety, Health and Environment awareness culture within the company.

Our core values



We adhere to international standards of quality, institute stringent quality control processes, and strive to consistently deliver high quality products and services.


We maintain a strong sense of professionalism and accountability. The company seeks to build strong relationships for success.


We continually work to improve the efficiency and quality of our products and services as well as to advance the technology we use.


We guarantee premium products ,as well as focus on longetivity and feasibility for each of our products.

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Our experts will help you find an ideal solar power to save you money,put you in control and help the environment.A pretty good deal,don't you think?

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