Grid Tie Solar

Our Grid tied systems are designed to convert solar photovoltaic power into electricity that can be utilized by load appliances or sold to the local power company. Advanced state of the art electronics embedded inside the inverter ensures that maximum PV power is converted to AC and delivered to utility grid.These inverters are congured to feed into the LT(low Voltage)utility network and have inbuilt safety anti islanding feature to ensure that the inverter switches o when grid is absent.In order operate,the solar grid tie inverter must have grid power available and connected. A wide input voltage range gives exibility to the designer to use a large range of PV modules. Our solutions include:

  • Seamless switchover
  • Powerful load starting
  • Scalable battery reserve
  • Fast efficient ChargePower technology
  • Professional-grade DC-AC inverter
  • Pre-cut wiring and combiners

Grid tie solar systems with battery backup are solar power systems for your home that have the benefits of both off-grid and grid-tie solar power systems. Your grid tie solar system will connect to the electric grid (providing an unlimited source of backup power when needed and an outlet for your excess electricity for net metering) and have a battery backup system (which provides emergency load power for your home even when the electric grid is down during emergency situations).

Grid Tie Solar System With Battery Backup Layout & Component