• Tapping Solar energy to become energy independent & reduce power bills.
  • SolarEdge Company engineers at work.
  • Turning parking lots into solar power plants
  • Solar water heating systems
  • SOS Mombasa-Grid-tied Solar PV System
  • Solar PV system at St. John the Baptist,Ikalaasa, Mwala.C/O: Sisters of the Providence for The Abandoned Children-Off-grid solar PV system
  • Bishop Kioko Hospital
  • Grid-connected Solar PV System

Why Use Solar?

With resources quickly diminishing it is up to institutions and individuals to begin to investigate the new forms of energy. The need to conserve energy as it increasingly becomes scarcer and expensive is real and something that must be factored in institutions and our homes. Energy prices for instance are projected to rise by an average of 10% per year over the next 10 years prompting a need to turn to other forms of energy and compliment/supplement power from the grid.

Solar will be the best answer to the problem with diminishing non-renewable energy. There is an enormous potential to mitigate the impact of rising energy costs through use of solar energy. Solar energy sector in Kenya has changed and the government is encouraging small & large scaleĀ  solar PV and solar water heating installations to ease pressure on power from the national grid (Kenya Power).

At SolarEdge we believe that the best way to provide basic energy needs to the people across the economic spectrum: the bottom of the pyramid to the top of it.

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