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  • Grid-connected Solar PV System

Grid-tied Solar PV System

Inter-tie systems use an inverter that converts the energy collected from the PV panels into conventional AC power and feeds it to your electrical circuit breaker panel. As long as there is enough electricity flowing in from your PV system, no electricity will flow in from the utility company. If your system is generating more power than you are using, the excess will flow back into the grid, turning your meter backwards.
Grid-Connected System is the simplest and most cost effective way to connect PV modules to regular utility power.

Grid-Connected systems can supply solar power to your home and use utility power as a backup. If utility power is reliable and well maintained in your area, and energy storage is not a priority, you don't necessarily need a battery. But if the utility power goes down, even if there is solar, the PV system will be off for the safety of the utility workers.
Grid-Connected System with Battery Backup can supply power 100% of the time: At night, on cloudy days and when the utility power is down.

SOS Mombasa

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