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Parking Lot Solar

Turning Parking Lots into Solar Power Plants

Parking lots take up lots of underutilized space. However, thanks to recent structural innovations, the solar power industry has put increasing amounts of that underutilized space to productive use.
The growth of the solar power industry has been spurred recently by economic and tax incentives encouraging the use of alternatives to fossil fuels, lower costs for photovoltaic (PV) panels and mounting systems, and greater availability of investment capital. Innovations in the design, engineering, and construction of large-scale PV systems also have tipped the balance in favor of going solar.

One innovation that has stoked growth in solar power in recent years is development of the elevated structure designed for installation over parking areas. PLCs are being used alone or in conjunction with rooftop and ground arrays of PV panels to create electric generating systems to supplement conventional power sources and reduce reliance on the grid. PLCs make sense when there is limited available rooftop and/or ground area for solar, or when the roof conditions are not suitable for a PV system.


Among the benefits of using parking lots to host solar panels is they create additional space for power generation where there might not have been adequate roof or ground space. In addition, because they are built vertically, over land already in use, they limit the environmental impact on the landscape.
Positioning solar power systems in parking areas also can address objections to the projects based on aesthetic or architectural grounds. Concerns have been expressed that solar arrays mar the look of historic or architecturally significant buildings. PLCs eliminate the need for costly or complicated changes to existing structures.
“Every project is manufactured site-specific, and we take a design approach as the aesthetics are a primary consideration,” Karani Mutonga states.

Parking areas that surround office complexes, shopping malls, schools, and other institutions need not just take up space. As the proliferation of solar-generating canopies proves, parking lots can serve an economically practical purpose by satisfying energy needs using a clean, renewable resource. Perhaps where we have “paved paradise and put up a parking lot” we can reclaim that space and take some strong steps back to making our world a true paradise.

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