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Solar Water Heating

More than 50% of energy bills for households and institutions like hospitals, accommodation facilities, boarding schools are contributed by water heating.

SolarEdge would be confident to propose Solar water heating as the primary source of your water heating needs. Solar water heating stands out as a proven, reliable, simple and effective solution that lowers a total electricity bills through using the sun’s free energy to supply hot water by up to 65% on overall energy savings. Solar water heating generates savings for institutions and households since it provides 90% of hot water requirements during sunny months and up to 40% during overcast months.

Solar water heating systems provide quality hot water at a lower cost than heating with electricity, gas, wood, and diesel. Solar collectors are typically designed to last for over 25 years with little maintenance. These systems give a yearly non-taxable return on your money - even for a two person household. It is also important to remember that hot water is a constant daily expense

Solar water heating systems at KIA & Mlolongo

Solar water heating systems at KIA & Mlolongo

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