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Solar Water Heating Savings

Return on investment

In this calculation assume that gas and electricity prices, maintenance charges and fossil fuel savings grow by 7% per year. We will take water heating costs to be around 40% of your total electricity costs. The average electricity bills for a fully occupied four bed roomed house are approx Kshs. 15,000 per month. This is Kshs.180,000 annual electricity bill. Taking 40% of annual electricity bills as water heating bills this will translate to Kshs. 72,000 spent on water heating annually. Add your annual maintenance charge to get total annual fuel costs. This means that annual water heating costs may end up being Kshs. 80,000 per year.
Increase fuel and electricity costs, maintenance charges and fossil fuel savings at 10% per year. This means that the price for other energy sources will continues to increase year after year whereas there is no price for the sun. Indications are that pointing to more incentives for adoption of renewable energy meaning that the price for the solar water heating equipments will go down further. If the currents trends are anything to go by, energy prices are bound to continue going up by at least 10% per year making it even more costly.
Considering that average price for a fully installed 300 liters system costs approx. kshs. 180,000. This system can serve up to five people. Going by our earlier conservative figure of kshs. 72,000 per year this means that your total outlay for solar water heating will usually have been recovered in 3 years or less. Solar water heating systems lasts over 20 years meaning that you will be using the system for over 17 years without recurring expenses. For institutions like schools, hospitals and business ventures like guest houses and other accommodation facilities, return on investment can be even shorter and increase profitability.
You will obviously save a proportion of your energy costs every year and this will grow as energy prices increase. Beyond the payback period (which will probably be shorter than you think) your solar water heating system will be providing around 80% of annual water heating FREE.

Domestic Solar water heating systems Domestic Solar water heating systems
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