Solar Street Lights

Solar Street Lights

SolarEdge Ltd offers a comprehensive selection of Solar Streetlights - No trenching. No cabling. No electricity-consumption. Quick and easy to install.

Our product range offers revolutionary wireless lighting,charging & connectivity systems to anyone,anywhere. Our products are sustainable,reliable and built to last.Establishing a greener tomorrow requires more than just technologies that run entirely on clean energy. They need to be cost-efficient and highly reliable as well. The Solar Street Lighting is the revolution that reshapes conventional street lighting. Its minimalistic design offers premium solar technology at an affordable price. The Solar street lights does not require an electricity grid or lighting infrastructure at all. Its clever design allows it to be installed anywhere in the world.


The solar street light is powered directly by the sun. It is equipped with the most efficient solar cells on the market.The unique solar panels always capture sunlight because dirt or water cannot accumulate on them. At night, the integrated high capacity batteries use the energy to power an efficient LED light. The battery capacity is sufficient to bridge periods of bad weather, so that the light will always last through the night.

  • Wireless controller - LCD remote configuration. Smart dimming schedules, running status, power control.
  • Deep-cycle Gel battery gives a slow discharge for 4 to 5 days’ backup up power.
  • Day & Night Detection. Automatic Power ON and OFF.
  • High-brightness LED asymmetric Philips Luxeon lighting module.
  • Wind resistent to more than 200km/h.
  • Galvanized corrosion-resistent steel pole.

Each Street lights is equipped with GSM and GPS, allowing for remote management and monitoring. The intelligent lighting scheme automatically adapts to local weather conditions and seasons.Because the cylindrical solar panel catches light from all directions, the pole can be placed in any orientation.The Solar street light is built for maximum compatibility with standardised light pole structures and can be produced and assembled locally.